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Certification Conditions

Rules related to the handling of the certification

1. The use of the certification includes:

  • Remarks in written, pictorial or oral form on the fact of the certification,
  • Use of original certificates, copies or other representations of the certificates,

2. The rules of use are as follows:

  1. During use, only the actual basis of the certification and wording of the certificate will be referenced.
  2. The certificate owner will not use the certification in a form likely to oppose ISEGA’s goals or discredit ISEGA.
  3. The certificate owner will not make any statements on the certification which ISEGA may regard as not authorised.
  4. In cases when the certificate owner is unclear about particularities of the present rules on the use of the certification, the certificate owners commit themselves to contact the certification body as a precaution to seek agreement for the intended form of use.
  5. All usage rights of the certification (including certificates and representations) shall lapse upon expiration of the validity of the certificate of compliance or a premature declaration of invalidity (e.g. for reasons of suspension or withdrawal of the certification).
  6. After withdrawal or expiration of the validity of the certification, it must not be used for promotional purposes and a misleading impression of an ongoing certification has to be avoided.
  7. The certification, a certificate of compliance or the certification signet must not be conferred by ISEGA onto third parties or legal successors without permission neither can it be the object of an assignment agreement, disposal or other forced legal measure.

3. The use of the certificate by presentation of the original documents, copies or other visual representation is admissible. It has to be ensured that all certificate components are legible or, in case of a scaled-down, not completely legible presentation, the non-legible parts are completely explained separately.

4. When handing over the certificate, the owner is not obliged to enclose accompanying documents. That has to be clarified with the respective business partner. The certification body is not obliged to hand over enclosures to third parties.

5. Certificates which are in possession by the certificate owner remain property of ISEGA and, unless they have duly expired after the set validity date, have to be returned to ISEGA after a declaration of withdrawal or the destruction of the documents has to be confirmed in writing.

6. ISEGA commits to keep any and all information obtained in connection with an order confidential to third parties and not to disclose said information without express permission. Excepted from this are official decrees and monitoring within the framework of accreditation.