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Food contact materials

In the company's beginning, ISEGA was established as a material testing institute for paper and pulp. Already in the early days, high polymers and further packaging materials were added to the list. After the term "consumer goods" had been defined by the old foodstuffs and consumer goods decree as well as by the new Foodstuffs and Animal Feed Code, testing systems were developed in the 70ies to confirm the compliance of materials and articles intended for food contact in manufacturing pre-stages and as finished products.

The cooperation with expert committees, for example with the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment BfR allows the exchange of ideas with the authorities. For many valid definitions and limit values, the scientific data has been compiled by ISEGA. These activities have been extended to the cooperation with the corresponding European committees for evaluating of test standards and represent an important basis for the acknowledgment of ISEGA as a testing institute by associations and authorities as well as a basis for approving the laboratory on testing areas controlled by the law.

Without the active participation in standardization bodies and associations a forward-looking conformity evaluation of food packages cannot be guaranteed.

Members of our staff represent ISEGA in the following institutions:

· BfR:
  • Working group paper
  • Analysis committee
· DIN:
  • Test methods for tissue paper and tissue products
  • Hygiene management in the field of packaging manufacture

ISEGA services in the field of material and articles intended to come into contact with foodstuffs

· Paper, board, tissue and pulp
  • Testing for safety of use as food packaing
  • Recommendation XXXVI, FDA, Resolution of the Council of Europe
  • Specific testing for the admission as butter wrapping material, sterilization packaging, filter material, baking board, sanitary or recycled paper
  • Analyses of additives
  • Submissions for the registration of new additives
  • Blue Angel
  • EU Ecolabel (The Flower)
  • Nordic Swan
· Plastics and laminates
  • Overall and specific migration of constituents, EN 1186, EN 13130
  • Penetration of constituents through multi-layer materials
  • Evaluation of the impermeability of individual layers
  • Lebensmittelrechtliche Unbedenklichkeit der Zusammensetzung
· Application testing
  • Release of constituents during use
  • Influence on foodstuffs
  • Effects on human beings
  • Evaluation of specific use cases
· Certificates
  • Certificate of compliance
  • Expert's opinions and certificates of sample examination within the state foodstuff supervising system
  • Test certificates based on ISO 17065
· Household appliances, tableware, hygiene articles
  • Application testing
  • Release of harmful substances
  • Conventional and microwave oven suitability
  • Sensory impact
  • Hygienic suitability
· Adhesives, optical brighteners, lacquers and colours
  • Compliance with the demands on food contact materials
  • Purity and residue analyess
· Confirmation of conformity
  • Requirements on safe processing or use
  • Restrictions of use
· Medical and pharmaceutical applications
  • Migration behaviour
  • Germ proofness, germ load
· Migration into filling materials
  • Migration in direct and indirect contact
  • Storage tests
· Compostability, biodegradability
  • Testing according to DIN EN 13432
· Microbiology
  • Germ load
  • Microbial impact
· Quality assurance
  • Product and production monitoring
  • Training based on our accredited quality management system
· Sensory analyses
  • Conventional and microwave oven suitability
  • Impact on odour and taste
  • Aroma-proofness
· Toys
  • EN 71 parts 3, 9 - 11 and Recommendation XLVII
· Approval and registration of new products
  • Submissions to national and European authorities
  • Represenation by our experts