Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I obtain a certificate of compliance for my chemical /additive?

    Chemicals/additives are not per se direct food additives. However, they can be used for the manufacture of safe food contact materials. In such cases, we need to know about the identity of the substance or the composition of the product as well as the intended application area. This information allows us to evaluate the simulation of the manufacturing process even of chemicals/additives.

  • I have this ISEGA certificate for product X. Can I buy this product from you or can you give me information on the sale or distribution of said product?

    ISEGA is purely a service provider for the analysis and certification of products intended to come into contact with food. We do not manufacture nor sell any of the products stated on our certificates of compliance. We suggest you contact the company for which the certificate was issued. The company name and full address is given on the first page of the certificate directly under the registered number.

  • Where can we send our sample material to?

    Please send samples to our street address:

    ISEGA Forschungs- und Untersuchungs-GmbH
    Zeppelinstr. 3-5
    63741 Aschaffenburg

  • We are interested in obtaining a certificate of compliance for our product. What can you tell me about the certification process?

    First of all, we have to ask you to entrust us with information on the formulation and the later application of your product. Exactly how extensive this information needs to be has to be clarified with your ISEGA project manager in each indvidual case. Of course, your statements will be treated strictly confidentially! Mainting strict confidentially of the data received is an essential part of our daily business which we take it very seriously and train our staff accordinly. For our mutual protection, we are always gladly prepared to conclude confidentialy agrements with you or your suppliers.

    Based on this information, we will plan the scope of required laboratory analyses by comparing the formulation of your product with the relevant legal provisions and send you a customized quotaton. Unfortunately this process means that in most cases we will not be able to send you exact price information without at least some knowledge on your product. Our quotation will contain all the details on analysis costs, certification fees, payment terms, foreseeable duration of analyses as well as nature and quantity of sample material required.

    Once you decide to place an order with us and we have received your sample material as well as the accompanying information, we will start the laboratory examination. After completion, you will receive a comprehensive analysis report from us as well as, in case of compliant analysis results, a certificate of compliance. Together with these documents we will finally send you our invoices.