Accreditations, Notifications and Acknowledgements

Successful re-accreditation according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018

The successful continuation of our accreditation was confirmed with the current accreditation notice dated March 2024.

The scope of the accreditation is detailed in the accreditation certificate including its annex. We are very pleased to have once again received the highest degree of flexibilisation in the accreditation of important laboratory areas such as liquid chromatography and gas chromatography. This enables us to quickly react to market changes or customer-specific issues in our analysis scopes as well as to incorporate modifications as well as newly developed or improved test methods into the accreditation.

The re-accreditation in the field of medical products testing fields/materials “chemical, microbiologically-hygienic and physical tests of sterile barrier- and packaging systems, environmental monitoring” was equally successful. You will find proof of our competence in the current accreditation certificate.

  • Accreditations

    • Accreditation according to the demands of
      DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025:2018
    • Sanitary consumer protection
      Accreditation in the sector physical, physical-chemical, chemical and microbiological analyses of consumer goods, paper, tissue, packaging materials, tobacco paper, food and food additives; sensory analysis of consumer goods with food and body contact;
      Analysis of selected raw materials (or of paraffin and activated carbon)
      Partial certificate_PL-14160-01-01_FB 3.3
    • Medical products
      Accreditation in the sector chemical, microbiological-hygienic and physical analyses of sterile barrier and packaging systems, environmental monitoring, blood bags according to ISO 3826-1 paragraph 8.5.
      Partial certificate_PL-14160-01-02_FB 3.4
    • Material testing and technique
      Accreditation in the sector analytical material testing, mechanic-technological analyses, variable material properties or other material properties
      Partial certificate_PL-14160-01-03_FB 2.3
    • Water/drinking water/water supply
      Accreditation of relevant activities, which refer to the characterization, the use and the protection of water
      Partial certificate_PL-14160-01-04_FB 4.2
    • Environment/soil/refuse/recycling
      Accreditation in the sector physical-chemical analysis of refuse, biowaste, soil and compost; sampling of refuse, biowaste and compost
      Partial certificate_PL-14160-01-05_FB 4.3
  • Notification

    • Registered laboratory for handling pathogenic agents  according to § 44 IfSG (Federal Epidemic Statute)
      German state of Bavaria
    • Registered laboratoy for the analysis of drinking water according to § 15 Abs. 5 Trinkwasserverordnung 2001
      German state of Bavaria
    • Registered laboratory for the analysis of ground water and wastewater according LaborV (German Laboratory Decree). Parameter scope in the annex
      Bayerisches Landesamt für Umwelt LfU
      (Bavarian Environmental Agency)
      AQS 06/043/97
  • Acknowledgements

    • Acknowledged as a testing laboratory for compostability and other tests in the ecology sector according to EN 13432, EN 14995, ASTM D 6400, ISO 17088, ISO 18606, NF T51-800, EN 17033, AS 4736 and AS 5810 (Certification schemes: ‘Products made of compostable materials’ (Seedling / DIN geprüft), ‘Biodegradable in soil’, ‘Biowaste Bags DINplus’,  ‘Products made of compostable materials for home and garden composting’, ‘Additives harmless to the composting process’, ‘Compostable products, resins, and intermediates according to ASTM D6400 and ASTM D6868“ (BPI-Certification))
    • Acknowledged as a testing laboratory for the certification schemes ‘OK compost industrial’ and ‘OK compost home’ as well as for the certification scheme „Products made of compostable materials’ (Seedling)
      TÜV Austria Belgium NV
      Certificate TA8092105723
      Certificate TA8092105724
      Certificate TA8092105725
    • Acknowledgement as a laboratory for testing of packaging material samples according to 93/99/EEC
      AKS Hannover
    • Acknowledged expert according to TRGS 519 Annex 3 (asbestos treatment by buildings redevelopment)
      Federal Republic of Germany