Customer Workshop

Since our last customer workshops were very well received, we have been getting an increasing number of enquiries to hold such a general training focussing on "packaging in contact with food" also for our English-speaking clients. Are you a newcomer in this field and are interested in such a workshop?

Then please let us know (Dr. Katja Zechmann or +49 6021/4989-29). We would very much appreciate hearing from you since preparing such a workshop in English will only be worthwhile for us if enough persons (i.e. at least 15 participants) are interested. We are planning to present similar topics as we do in the past German trainings in our facilities in Aschaffenburg. The linked agenda based on our last Customer Workshop can serve as an example. First of all, we will highlight the legal provisions for materials and articles intended to come into contact with food. Based on this, the specifics of materials like plastics, board and paper and their finished forms (printing, lacquering etc.) will be discussed. Further emphasis will be put on the sensory evaluation and the microbiological examination as well as the final product certification. Also toxicological aspects and the role of the surveillance authorities will be considered.

This training is no competition but an addition to our annual VFV Lecture Event „Trends in the field of European Food Packaging“ on 25 April 2017.

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